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Musicom Greece is a team of Professionals coming from the Culture Industry with great experience in Communication, Music Production, Visual and Graphic Arts, Concert Organising, Copywriting and more…

Our philosophy stands on : Loving Music, Promoting Music and Positive Human Thought. The members of the team have been working as P.R. Officers in top Record Labels, executive Producers, Directors, Curators, Graphic Designers etc.

From the early Digital years Musicom Greece started testing and using every new feature coming from Internet to help the Artists the team was working on at any period. Musicom Gr Channel in appeared in Feb 2, 2009 and started supporting independent Artists. Now it has more than 100.000 views monthly, been among the Top 5 “Fastest Growing Channels” in Greece, according to

The last 3 years many Social Media campaigns ( Google Display Network and YouTube Campaigns also) were designed and executed by our Team, for well-known Greek Artists, Festivals and Venues.

Our Vision is making the best platforms and synergies for spreading the idea of “Spiritual Greece” worldwide, throughout Music…

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